This adorable young couple got married on a cold, rainy day in January, but that didn’t keep from the overflow of beauty and love that filled this day.

Sarah’s dress was beautiful, embellished with gems that matched her bright and sparkly personality.

BensonWeb-100 BensonWeb-101BensonWeb-102Sarah and Peter’s rings were original for sure, with flare of red!   BensonWeb-103 BensonWeb-104 BensonWeb-105 BensonWeb-106 BensonWeb-107 BensonWeb-108 BensonWeb-109 BensonWeb-110 BensonWeb-111 BensonWeb-112 BensonWeb-113 BensonWeb-114 BensonWeb-115 BensonWeb-116 BensonWeb-117 BensonWeb-118 BensonWeb-119 BensonWeb-120 BensonWeb-121 BensonWeb-122 BensonWeb-123 BensonWeb-124 BensonWeb-125 BensonWeb-126 BensonWeb-127 BensonWeb-128 BensonWeb-129 BensonWeb-130 BensonWeb-131