Megan and Mike were the definition of happy couple! There was never a moment when they weren’t smiling or laughing, that goes for all of their friends and family as well. It was so moving to see a couple so deeply in love and so entirely happy with each other inside and out, they have the love that everyone desires! Not to mention they were a beautiful couple to photograph! Their wedding day was perfect from start to finish, even their weather was amazing! I was so thankful to be able to photograph this wedding alongside Jennifer Smutek! Check out this gorgeous couple and their waterfront wedding!



The tears poured as they read each others wedding day letters!


They had the sweetest first look!


How gorgeous is Megan. And her dress…AND those flowers!!


Okay, maybe I got carried away with these bridal portraits…but I just couldn’t get enough of them!


Mike even goofed off a bit in the moment awaiting Megan to place the ring on his finger.


Megan had all the dance moves! She apparently had the whole bar dancing the night before as well!



Had so much fun photographing this wedding! Thanks!


Primary Photographer: Jennifer Smutek

Venue: Herrington on the Bay