Today I finally have the ability to catch up on all of my blog posts! I am starting this off with a great friend of mine, Lauren! Lauren and I were best friends in school, which begun in kindergarten. Lets be completely honest I probably spent more time at her house than my own growing up. Lauren can attest to the fact that even then I ALWAYS had a camera with me; no matter where we were going or what we were doing, I was documenting it. I have been photographing Lauren my whole life, though this one just may very well have been my favorite. Lauren took me on a tour around the University of Maryland, University park where we saw the Giant M, The pool, and Testudo. We even stopped at a couple buildings where she spent most of her college career! Lauren graduated with a degree in early education and will be teaching a bunch of little ones this coming year! Congrats Lauren, I’m so proud of you!!